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Move your documents into the 21st Century

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You are probably not aware of the following facts, but are losing time and money as a result of them:

Today, more words are printed in a single day than the cumulative total published in the 500 years between the invention of the Gutenberg printing press and the end of World War ll.

In a single day, 32% of all information is computer generated with a total of 2.7 Billion documents placed in file folders.

Paper in the average office grows by 20% per year. Your paper will double every 2-3 years. Every 12, 4-drawer, filing cabinet requires an additional employee to maintain.

90% of all U.S. documentation is on paper, only 10% is on alternative media.

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To get your information under control, we can scan and convert your paper files to index electronic files for easy access and retrieval for your entire company.

An Information Explosion

The problem is not the volume of paper but the inability to rapidly access existing information and then use this information to make better decisions. The real problem boils down to productivity. Although factory worker productivity has increased 83% in the past 10 years, office productivity has only increased 4% even with the large capital investment companies have made in PC’s.

In our many years of supplying scanning services, we have helped many corporations solve their paper (backfiles) storage problems by converting these files to electronic data. The converted paper files can be published to CD-ROM, the WEB or your network. This eliminates the overhead costs associated with these files, makes employees more efficient and helps them to serve customers.

Cost Effective Solutions

We will look at the type of files you need to store and provide you with a cost effective solution. One of the main factors in converting these documents is to determine how the documents are to be used and the retrieval process that best implements this process. Our on site scanners and experience in scanning and converting various forms of data, from small bound surveyor’s log books to B-size engineering schematic manuals, will enable us to meet your company's storage objectives within a given budget. We are also experienced at organizing your database for the easiest and fastest retrieval.

We can provide PDF files of your documents, or provide them in our document management software or electronic files for loading into your company’s existing document management software.

With electronic files you will no longer have to worry about the possibility of losing years of information due to a fire or other disasters, destroying all of your critical files. Now you can view your files straight from your monitor, eliminating the need to run to and from filing cabinets or have your office desk littered with paper files.


OUR Document Management Software

Protect Your Files. Increase Efficiency. Eliminate Clutter. Assist with Compliance to Regulatory Guidelines

Our document management software electronically stores, organizes, and manages a company’s documents and provides fast, security-controlled access to these documents throughout the company.

In addition to a company’s scanned files, our document management software also stores and organizes a company's working documents, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Our software’s audit trail feature allows users to Checkout a document, make revisions, and then Check the document back in. In addition, a complete Document History is kept, allowing a user to refer back to an older version if so desired. These features also help with your company’s compliance to regulatory guidelines, such as HIPAA and provide controls that paper record-keeping cannot.


We understand that companies cannot afford to have their employees spend hours learning to use a new application. With our document management software’s easy-to-use interface and intuitive functionality, a new user can begin using it almost instantly with just a short introduction to the software.


Our document management software is designed to allow companies of all sizes to become paperless without having to spend a small fortune in the process. No other product on the market provides the document management and sharing capabilities, reliability, and security for the price.